Anders Rofstad has always been what you can call an professional appreciater, more into listening to other peoples work than to write and play for him self. But in 2004, Highly inspired by a local band called "the Skulls" (4 guys in their late 40ís with no musical experience starting a band together), Anders got his first guitar at the age of 35.


"As soon as I got the guitar, I started to write songs. I seemed unable to sit down and learn how to play someone elses tune. I switched right into creative modus..."


As his playing ability grew, so did the number of songs. and with that, also a expressed desire to record some of the material he had written. He teamed up with Audun Kvitalnd RÝstad, a music production graduate and friend of the family, who took on the job as a learning experience.


Over a period of 1.5 years they recorded 10 songs, bringing inn other players when needed.

"we originally planed it to be a 5 track EP, but very early on the eagerness for a full album came. I had pinned out 10 songs I thought would fit together, and the plan was to lose 5, but we never did."


March 10th 2008 saw the relaese of Anders Rofstadís first album, "The novel within". The release is strictly limited to 500 copies, and will be given a private distribution.


If interested in further information, or a copy of the cd, you can contact Anders on e-mail: